Your co-pilot for every classic rally

With the Rally Co-Pilot app you are one step ahead of the competition.

Miles or Kilometres

The app works in miles and kilometres. You can change the unit for every individual calculation.

Beautiful user interface

The intuitive user interface makes it easy for everyone to use the app.

Live Feedback

Live data such as average speed, distance and remaining time are shown.

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Exclusive for iPhone and iPad

Exclusive for your iPhone and iPad.

Ein Screenshot der Rallye Co-Pilot App im RennmodusEin Screenshot der Rallye Co-Pilot App beim Berechnen der Sonderprüfungen

Everything you need

The app provides everything you need to succeed in classic rallies and regularity (tsd) rallies. Make all necessary calculation inside the app. Thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface this is incredibly easy.

You can either enter the specified time directly or calculate it through speed and distance. Every stage can be saved and used later.

Ein Screenshot der Rallye Co-Pilot App im Rennmodus

Support while driving

While driving you get valuable live feedback. You can monitor your average speed and potential deviation as well as the remaining time.

You can even set new stages to start automatically. Your co-pilot will thank you for this app!

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